Foundations Courses

Our Foundations Course is designed for both the beginner and for the seasoned athlete who simply is new to CrossFit.  Many people complain about the functional movements of CrossFit leading to injury.  However, we have found that with adequate coaching and instruction, we can alleviate most performance induced injuries while actually improving overall health and fitness.  These courses are crucial to your success as a CrossFit Athlete.

The Foundations Course follows a four session pattern.  Each session is specifically designed to teach and practice specific movements so that when we see these movements in the unlimited classes, you are prepared to attack them with peace of mind and confidence.  Below are a list of the sessions and the movements they cover.

  • Session 1 – The 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit

  • Session 2 – Deadlift, Strict Press, Bench Press

  • Session 3 – Clean and Jerk/Olympic Snatch

  • Session 4 – Gymnastics Movements/Miscellaneous

In these sessions, a coach will take you through each piece of the movements showing you the proper form and providing extensive queues to keep you in the right movement pattern to enhance efficiency, prevent injury, and keep you working at your peak functional capacity.

The 4 sessions rotate every two weeks.  You will need to view the schedule at the location you will be attending or contact the PT manager to get enrolled in your Foundations series.

The Foundations Course is $40 and you can register for it by filling out the form below.


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